This little thing called worship

I’ve never been very good at this thing called worship. Gratitude, yeah. Worship, no. Worshipping idols and deities. Nope. Worshiping political ideologies, religious dogma, organized parties, regimented religion. Nope. Protocol, convention, hierarchy. Nope nope nope. People dressed in uniforms, suits, robes. Nope. Nationalism, patriotic symbols and trinkets. Nope. All seems too contrived, superficial, false, silly. Never had much use for them. Guess that’s why vaccines have been so easy to toss out the window. Probably one of the easiest things of all. Once I understood, really understood… I never looked back.


4 thoughts on “This little thing called worship

  1. So true. As the scriptures state, according to Jesus; ‘It is Jehovah your God you must worship, and it is to him alone you must render sacred service. It’s pretty simple to understand, but I guess most people don’t or choose not to, what with all the “gods” out there and deifying such ones as Jesus and Mary.

  2. Yep, absolutely!

    I come from an opposite, I used to be very good at that thing called worship. (and I made myself a very good worshipper/slave) The first use of the word worship in Genesis is from a primitive Hebrew root word literally meaning: “to depress, i.e. prostrate”. This is not an optimal way to live. But then I learned some stuff.

    The bible has had an old Hebrew core message virtually obliterated. The meaning of yahweh literally is: “THE SELF-EXISTENT” (Strong’s Dict-Conc). Or the observably “consistent reality or that which is, of itself” (me).

    This central word-message IS NEVER TRANSLATED.

    It is sometimes transliterated (Yahweh/Jehovah) up to half a dozen times in many bibles. But most consistently it is replaced with the word LORD, which personifies and redefines what was originally written and puts people in the position of servants/slaves.

    Add to this that the root of the what is translated God, (el) literally means “strength”.

    When put together all those bibles saying things like:
    The LORD is my/our/your God

    They actually have a literal root meaning along the lines of …

    So, a message of true self empowerment by observing, thinking and living intelligently in line with what is real, has been twisted to one of out of line with truth. One that enslaves to lies, imaginary ideas and false images of reality (i.e. idols).

    No one should ever subject themselves to another’s image or projection of reality because we can all look to and live by what is observably real, directly from the world, each for themselves.

    Hence the need for false worship systems that demand attention and bowing to the false LORD-ship –authority- of what image they project as real. As opposed to the empowerment of verifiable individual observation and living by what can be pointed to as consistently true and real.

    (Note: once this truth from the bible (or elsewhere) is known, the bible and all other supposed words of authorities are displayed as what all thoughts and words are … just other people’s images or mental projections of what they think is real. These only have value or substance to the extent they measure up to the true measure … that which is observably real, and verifiable by anyone and everyone that looks.)

    (Or to put it into religious terms; “If someone presents supposed truth and it conflicts with what can be consistently observed then the measure of yahweh -that which is self existent- refutes and exposes the liars that have tried to substitute their false authority for the substance of reality.)

    Those who say things like “don’t trust me, but look and prove it for yourself” and consistently appeal to truly reliable observations of reality are the true advocates and followers of ‘yahweh’ according to its literal meaning -the self existent- reality and truth. And they are not seeking to enslave anyone to what they say but to empower them with their own sensible nature by observations of the solid rock of the reality we are a part of.

    When some health regime says that you need vaccines, based on their unfounded authority, mandates, financial coercion and fear stories. It is very clear that they are not empowering the individual to act freely from their own sensible observations but they are seeking to be their LORD. It is obvious they want people subservient to their unfounded dictates and medical dogma as opposed to wisely choosing from observable evidence of safety and effectiveness., When their supposed proof of safety studies are subjected (bowed and prostrated) to scrutiny, they are consistently found to be without the substance of self existent truth. They and their lies consistently fail before the measure of ‘yahweh-self existent’ truth, the only true LORD of all.

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