“Experts” my foot…

Here’s a recent quote from Jim Sears, MD of the TV show “The Doctors”…

“Everything I’ve been telling my patients [about vaccines] for the last 10 years has been based on a lie and a cover-up.”

Let that sink in. There are lots of doctors who feel the same way as Dr. Sears. But there are relatively few doctors who are willing to say it publicly in this blunt a manner, and even fewer like Dr. Sears who just happen to host a popular TV show with an audience of millions. What will the world look like when doctors like Dr. Sears start coming out of the closet by the hundreds of thousands? What are they going to say… “Oops, sorry about that, I didn’t know.” No, not good enough.

“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.” — William Wilberforce



19 thoughts on ““Experts” my foot…

  1. Thanks, Dr.Sears for speaking truthfully. As Sen. Sanders said “we are on the verge of a Revolution”. The people have had it with vaccines that kill babies, medicine that makes you sicker and foods that are genetically modified with pesticide.
    Stand tall as a pediatrician and let Big Pharma know that you care more for your patients than what the Medical mafia is mandating through the AMA.

  2. I stopped watching ‘The Doctors’ on the day his co-star, Dr. Phil’s son freaked out on a guest who presented an anti-vax argument. At that point, I decided, knowing what I know, I couldn’t trust the show to provide unbiased information.
    Cheers to Dr. Spears for letting this very smelly cat out of the bag so publicly! You are my hero!

    • I don’t think he’s back peddling as much as he’s clarifying his position. Jim Sears has always been pro-vax, but this is the first time he has publicly questioned his practice of administering vaccines, based on this emerging info. He is questioning and standing up to demand transparency- way more than what the other pro vax physicians are doing, which is nothing more than adhering to dogma.

  3. They didn’t want to hear the truth. They scoffed at the idea of a new constitutional convention. Let them harvest the whirlwind now. I couldn’t care less.

  4. The Chiropractic community has long espoused the truth about vaccines. I myself contracted Polio Myelitis from the vaccine in 1955 and live with the fear of re-occurrence.
    Dr. Stephen Anthony Blount

  5. What is the alternative? How many of you have lived through years of mumps, measles, mono, scarlet fever, chicken pox, and tetanus? I sympathize with people who have autism or children with it, but I prefer life over risk of death for me and my children. Also, most of these diseases are contagious as any disease that has ever existed. Even if it doesn’t kill you or your child, it could kill someone who caught it from you. Finally, I doubt autism is 100% guaranteed.

    • Michael G. Myhera, I had each of the viruses you mentioned, but not tetanus. They’re all treatable. Further, people are not arguing the vaccines so much as the preservatives added to them. We are calling for safety and transparency.

  6. I stopped getting Flu Shots three years ago and haven’t had the Flu since. When I was getting the shots I got the Flu almost every year. One year it wreaked a really nice Caribbean cruise I was taking at the time.

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