For doctors, re-learning must be very hard

I guess it’s much harder to re-learn something that you thought you knew than it is to learn something new. I guess it is hard to teach an old dog new tricks. That would explain why so many doctors believe what they do about vaccines. I mean, otherwise, how is it possible that such well-educated, intelligent individuals are willing to cling to a science and a logic that is so hopelessly flawed and is the source of so much pain, suffering and death. Clearly, there are bad, stupid, corrupt doctors… like in every profession, every walk of life. But for there to be so many when it comes to vaccines just doesn’t seem possible. I can only conclude that it must come down to something as simple as… re-learning is harder than imaginable, particularly when doing so would force you to admit that you may have done such incredible harm, and when re-learning may subject you to unfathomable ridicule by your peers and colleagues and destroy your reputation and career. Then, there’s the element of exposure: “Damn, I was really wrong.” Re-learning is hard under the best of circumstances. I suppose it is nearly impossible under the worst.


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