There is no health care system in the Unites States. What there is is a disease care system. There’s an illness care system. There’s a truly fine trauma care system. But no real health care system. Obamacare? Kind of a joke in terms of health care. Pretty much, it’s just a health insurance reform law. So you have health insurance now, you didn’t before. Okay, it’s a load off your mind. That’s a good thing. Less stress, more security. Those are good things.

But in many ways, the law makes things worse in the US in terms of health, because it essentially promotes disease and illness care—ie, endless drugs, vaccines and expensive (and often times unnecessary)—testing and procedures. The law does almost nothing to promote healing and wellness. Oh, and there’s all that digitized personal health information the new system is accumulating and storing, the tracking. What happened to privacy?

So yeah, I suppose I’ve finally come full circle on Obamacare. I think it mostly stinks.


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