The art of market fabrication

What often happens is that governments overreact when it comes to perceived health crises. They put out the word that there’s an emergency crisis, and that the world has a moral responsibility to respond. Everyone gets pumped up. Now, the crisis may or may not be real, but industry (seeing business opportunities) naturally responds and starts investing lots o’money into research and development to come up with drugs or vaccines or equipment or services. The understanding is that there will be a market for the industry’s product(s). A payoff.

If that market ultimately does not materialize, the industry has two choices. It can either accept its losses gracefully, and simply chalk it up to the cost of doing business, OR it can use its innovative skills and talents, influence and leverage (… oh, and treasure chest) to create an artificial market out of thin air—one that should not exist. In other words, the industry can fabricate a market, a need. And it can also manipulate, bribe and recruit (as well as scare) governments and their well-conditioned bureaucrats (and media) into helping promote the new market and need in the name of the “Greater Good.”

This may well be what we are now witnessing with the early development of the Zika vaccine market. So sit back and observe the game.


One thought on “The art of market fabrication

  1. If the “MERCK AND NOVARTIS HAVE PATENTED ZIKA CURES” information at the unhived mind is correct then some of the fabrication took place years ago and the cures have been waiting in place these many years.

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