The dark ages

Back in the dark ages… the people of the United States of America were told to eat cardboard and sugar, swallow poisonous pills and inject heavy metals into their bodies, which ultimately accumulated in their brains. Nearly everybody did it, and so they all assumed it was good for them. But the cardboard, pills and metals destroyed their brains, their immune systems and their guts, so they couldn’t think straight or mount natural defenses against diseases or properly digest and be nourished by real food, clean water.

The people became malnourished, dehydrated and toxic. They grew chronically weaker and sicker. They became less productive, more dependent and more violent. But they wouldn’t stop, because their government assured them it was all good. Can you believe all that? What’s more, they called it science, modern medicine. No, really. Tens of millions were sacrificed each year before the altars of science and medicine. Heart disease, cancer, medical mistakes, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, prescription drug complications, kidney disease, and suicide.

It was all good.


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