Create a free market system, then we’ll talk

One of the central problems with the vaccine industry in the United States is that it is not based on the free market system. There is no liability for the companies that make the products or those who administer them. And perhaps, worst of all, is that the government provides virtually no regulation of the industry, because it naively assumes (too a very large extent) that the industry’s products are safe and effective, that the industry’s primary interest is the safety and welfare of its customers, and that it is acceptable and wise to have the industry’s representatives serve on its advisory committees and head up its regulatory agencies.

Oh no, sorry… worst of all is that the government forces consumers to buy and use the industry’s products. In short, consumers and their families in this particular industry are left with little or no recourse or exit/exist strategy if the products they use hurt them, kill them. The imbalance of power is so egregious, so suffocating, that it guarantees the products this industry produces will never be safe, and that the consumer will always be screwed. Create a free market system here in which the consumers have basic rights to decide and defend themselves, and then we can have a nice, pleasant and intelligent conversation about the science, the greater good, and all that other good stuff.


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