It’s your susceptibility stupid

The fuzzy logic just amazes me to no end.

If you’re a healthy person and you go through “flu season” (… a misnomer, by the way… the flu bug doesn’t migrate north each winter, it sticks around year-round… what changes is our SUSCEPTIBILITY) without catching the flu, the CDC will say, “Oh, be glad, you were lucky,” or the ever unforgettable and loved old classic, “It was a coincidence.”

On the other hand, if you drive over to your friendly local drugstore or supermarket (… or soon enough, your local gasoline station or 7-Eleven), and you get the flu shot, and you manage to go through the entire season without getting sick, the CDC will say, “Well, there you go, see… the vaccine worked.”


One thought on “It’s your susceptibility stupid

  1. This is why we use control populations and large samples, rather than relying on anecdotal examples.

    You take 100 people without the shot, 100 with. Both populations will have people who didn’t get the flu, but the vaccinated population will have MORE who didn’t get the flu i.e. it works.

    Maybe 10 from the vaccinated population got the flu still, but 20 in the unvaccinated did- that’s ten people we saved from the flu and possible death.

    Come on, it’s not complicated. Or fuzzy.

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