Good enough

After the coup against President Zelaya in 2009, which was roundly condemned by all the members states of the United Nations, you would think that there would be closer scrutiny of the election results in Honduras and an insistence that there be no question as to their legitimacy. Instead, what has happened is that most international election observers have checked off on the election results and quietly returned home with the attitude that the elections were “good enough”. That seems to be the opinion of governments throughout the world, including many governments in Latin America whose leaders have speedily sent their congratulations to President-elect Juan Orlando Hernández. That is probably also the thinking of the majority of Hondurans. This is a mistake, because the allegations of a fraudulent election, as with the coup, will tend to remain in the background of everything that happens in Honduras for the foreseeable future. It will make it impossible for there to be any sort of meaningful reconciliation among Hondurans, and thus it will make it infinitely more difficult and problematic for any President to govern and any Congress legislate.


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