Working and Gaming

One of the glitches in modern-day capitalism is the underlying assumption that if you are educated, smart, responsible, stay out of trouble, and work hard throughout your life, then you should do well financially. The glitch is that this is not necessarily true anymore for many people. Partly, at least, because of a skewed tax policy, there are people, who either through luck or smart investments of their financial capital or a “knack” for manipulating things to favor their investments are able to avoid “work” (at least as traditionally perceived) and become super wealthy, powerful and influential. This skews the capitalist game in favor of the very few — not because they work harder or are more talented, but precisely because their primary emphasis is NOT to work and produce (in the traditional sense) but rather to figure out ways to “game the system” to allow their capital to multiply or even grow exponentially. So wealth is being created by the few even in the ABSENCE of work and production, while the many who actually do spend the bulk of their time working and producing keep falling farther behind. It is this “working” versus “gaming” which we have to contemplate, because it is this tension that is fundamentally destabilizing our capitalist system, not to mention our democracy.


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