No Real Beef With Religion

My beef really has never been with the community of the Catholic Church or Christianity in general (I am part of that community), but rather with its governing structure, some of its doctrines and dogma, and the Vatican’s cover up and enabling of pedophile priests. I guess it’s the politics of it all, not the religion. It’s when religion becomes dominated by self-serving, narrow, hurtful, threatening, and arrogant politics that the problems set in. Same is true with any religion, political party, religious organization, political or economic philosophy, culture, individual or nation. Some like to the think that horrendous series of events such as the Crusades (holy wars) and the Inquisition and the Holocaust are long over; they’re not. They continue to this day in different forms, and we must recognize them and avoid being silenced by those who seek to try and make you feel uncomfortable for speaking out. The conversation must always be pursued for the sake of the conversation, without too much concern over whether you’re going to convert someone to your way of thinking. People don’t have to like the conversation, but so long as the discourse is intelligent, civil, and non-personal, then there’s no reason to oppose it. Feeling offended is no reason to silence a conversation; rather it is a reason to reflect on why you’re feeling so offended.


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