Worship less

As we grow up and become adults, there should be less of a need to venerate other guys and gals or stuff like icons, trinkets, costumes, and other stage props. There should be less hero worship. Learning from others is one thing; putting them on pedestals (kind of like medals and trophies) is another. It creates fantasy worlds… similar to when we believed in Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny… or even that those who are older or occupy positions of authority always know what they’re talking about. We humans spend too much precious time as it is in our little fantasy worlds, and not nearly enough cultivating compassion and serving others. Besides, inevitably we tend to re-create saints and heroes in our own likeness, image… in order to serve our individual egos and personal causes, and calm our uncertainties and fears. This is what many have done with Mel Zelaya and his venerable white hat, which I’m sure some are already kneeling and bowing before. We have done this with “God”, which is why we spend so much time defending and fighting over the Power of Creation, and relatively no time actually following the Wisdom of the Spirit. We do this with dead people.


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