Pressuring the Church to reform

The revelations about pedophilia with the Catholic Church have been overwhelming. I think, however, that the goal is not to attack the Church, although that’s the way the Vatican is trying to frame the debate. The goal is to speak forcefully about the crimes of the priests and the crimes of those who continue to try to cover things up. My interest is to share some of the information that is being printed and taped around the world, so that we can fully understand the scope of the problem. If you only read the newspapers in Honduras, you will not begin to understand the entire issue because they are only printing one side. The Church is focusing on its reputation. I’d like to focus more on the tens of thousands of children (now adults) who have been abused and had their innocense and dignity stolen from them. The more these stories come out, the more pressure there will be on the Church to radically reform its structure. It will force the Church to become more transparent and accountable, so that no more children are harmed in the present and the future. The Church sees itself as above the normal laws of the secular world because it insists on selling itself as God’s absolute authority on Earth. This simply cannot continue.


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