Our different worlds

Nobody is asking you to change your world. Each one of us has to find and live with our individual truths. Some of your truths are different from mine. This is precisely why I believe that most truth is relative, not absolute. If you are content in your world, then far be it for me to encourage you to move. You asked me a simple question, and I answered you honestly. But you did not like my response. You said it was a “typical yes-no answer”, suggesting that I wasn’t being direct. My interpretation is that you simply didn’t like my answer. So why don’t you just say, “We disagree”, and let’s move on to something else. Additionally, you make assumptions about me which are based on nothing rational. I have no “fascination” with the “gay thing”. On the contrary, I don’t have a problem with it. It is not an issue for me, as it seems to be for you. I do have a huge problem with bigotry. That truly does fascinate me, as does ignorance and fundamentalism… because to me it shows how little humanity as truly evolved, and it explains why we continue to hate and kill each other. Fascinating.

You also assume I “hate” the Catholic Church, when I’ve said nothing to that effect. On the contrary, I’ve stated several times that my interest in the issue of the rape and torture of children is the criminality of it and the cover up by the Pope, Vatican and hierarchy of the Church. That is entirely different. Exposing evil in an institution is not the same as hating the institution. The fact that both you and I sought to expose Manuel Zelaya for what he is is not the same as hating Honduras. On the contrary, it is precisely because of our affection for Honduras that we opposed Zelaya. The analogy fits. I’m perfectly glad to drop this discussion with you, as it’s not going to get us anywhere.


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