More important than economic growth

I think that for a country like Honduras a more important factor than economic growth for providing core things such as education and healthcare is inspired leadership and mobilization of citizen action. This is extremely difficult to do in any country, including the US. But I think it is an ideal that is attainable. The largest budget item in the Honduran national budget is education. Yet Hondurans are among the most poorly educated people in the world. More money isn’t going to solve this problem. The same with healthcare. You don’t need much money to be healthy. You need to be educated, well-informed, and disciplined. The US spends the most per capita on healthcare of any nation in the world. Yet it is one of the most unhealthy nations… due largely to the epidemic of obesity. Healthcare has relatively little to do with large sums of money. It has more to do with good choices. In Honduras, more than 50% of the health problems could be resolved by simply providing clean drinking water for the people. I would start by addressing the problem of contamination of Honduras’ streams, rivers and lakes by foreign mining companies. I would also work to find a way to get people and companies to stop cutting down the forests as a way to re-establish normal cycles of rainfall. It’s about leadership and creating a social consciousness. It’s not really much about money.


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