Mr. Zelaya’s has often denied the extent of Mr. Chavez’s influence on him. But by his admission, Mr. Zelaya states clearly how much he was inspired by Mr. Chavez… shows how much he admires Mr. Chavez. The consummation of the marriage between Mr. Zelaya and Mr. Chavez is good news for Honduras. Now, the two are officially linked. Seeing what’s going in Venezuela, it seems certain that Mr. Chavez does not have a bright future. When he falls, Mr. Zelaya will find himself in a huge dilemma… a man without a country, perhaps without much money, and perhaps completely without a cause, given that may now be perceived as having sold out to Mr. Chavez. As Mr. Chavez’s representative, Mr. Zelaya may increasingly identify less with his own supporters in Honduras. He will increasingly lose touch with his own original cause in Honduras. Talk about complete political suicide.


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