Progressivism is not socialism

No, I don’t think Mr. Obama is a socialist. And I think you have a very narrow view of what the word “progressive” means. I am a progressive — both politically and theologically. Progressive means different things to different people. To try to label someone a “socialist” because they are progressive is a bit over the top, in my view. Mr. Obama believes in free enterprise and personal responsibility. He believes in a more activist government, particularly after that state the country was in when he took over, but that is entirely different from the kind of government you have in socialist societies. I have watched Glenn Beck, but I try to avoid him because I think he is not a serious human being. I think the same of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly. We’ll have to agree to disagree politically Steven. If you like Glenn Beck, then we’re truly on opposite ends. I would suggest we stick to what we share in common, which has to do with the development of Honduras.


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