A philosophy of power

My problem with this philosophy is that it is no different from any other political philosophy. It is mainly about POWER. It is not primarily about creating a peaceful, equitable and just society. It is first about POWER. The assumption is that the people who make up the Resistance movement in Honduras are somehow immune to the same temptations and weaknesses of the so-called “elite” in Honduras. There is nothing particularly more (or less) noble about the Resistance. There are many people who are not a part of the Resistance who want just as much to transform Honduras for the better, but they are not willing to simply trash the entire system and start all over again. That leads to chaos and violence, and those who will primarily suffer are the poor (as always). The wealthy will simply leave the country and take all of their resources with them. The model for Honduras should not be Cuba . Note that in Cuba, they simply replaced one corrupt elite class with another corrupt elite class. The goal should be to inspire a change in attitudes among everyone in the society. That requires creative leadership and mobilization of everyone for positive action, not destructive.


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