Some leaders deserve to be overthrown

I will not debate with you about Mr. Micheletti. I don’t know that much about him, and he was not in long enough to judge him as a “president”. Plus, his main role was not to govern Honduras, but rather to keep the country from disintegrating into complete chaos until a new leader was elected. Overall, I’d say Micheletti did his job. And it may be that Mr. Micheletti deserved a golpe… although we disagree on this. The point here is that you too seem to agree that there are leaders who deserve to be overthrown. Obviously, neither of us like this option, but sometimes it may be justified. What we disagree on then is not the legitimacy of a golpe, but rather whether Mr. Zelaya deserved a golpe. I’ll be happy to debate you on this question. That would be a more productive debate.

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