I think you the damage that a four-month hold on US military and economic aid has had on Honduras has been vastly overestimated. Disbursals of aid monies do not stop suddenly. There is money in the pipeline that continues to flow. The damage comes more from the perception that the world is against you. It feels like you’re alone, and that has an emotional impact. The real damage to Honduras has been caused by the 80% drop in tourism to the country. That would have happened regardless of what the US said or did. That damage is the fault of Honduras… no one else’s. At some point, we in Honduras have to accept full responsibility for our failures as a society. I think the US is a convenient scapegoat… nothing more. If we use choose to use this scapegoat, it allows us to try and escape the responsibility for what has occurred since June 28 and what is occurring every single day of the year throughout Honduras… massive poverty and injustice. That is the real problem, and I’m afraid that problem belong solely to the Honduran people.


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