Mel’s misunderstanding of US priorities

In an article in today’s Washington Post titled, “Honduras accord is on verge of collapse”, Mr. Zelaya was quoted as saying of the US government, “”Their priorities were my restitution.” Referring to the US’ stated commitment to support the upcoming elections regardless of whether Mr. Zelaya is reinstated, Mr. Zelaya said, “This is a very dangerous change of foreign policy for the United States”. I think herein lies the core of Mr. Zelaya’s misunderstanding. The US priority was never the restitution of Mr. Zelaya. It was consistently about “re-establishing the constitutional order”. Mr. Zelaya’s assumption is that this meant his reinstatement. There has been no significant change in US policy. The only difference is that now that we are getting closer to election time, the game has become much less nuanced. The time has come to show one’s cards.


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