We are all Georgians…

I recall when Russian troops invaded Georgia last year and Senator McCain boldly declared, “Today, we are all Georgians.” There was a lot of bravado and chest thumping, as if the US were prepared to defend the of Georgian democracy, which clearly it wasn’t. I thought it was a very principled but reckless move on the part of Mr. McCain because it contained no strategy for dealing with the crisis in a manner that avoided further escalation. It was emotion and reactionary. Mr. McCain was using his feelings instead of his head. Besides, I sense that the statement was meant for public consumption, as he was campaigning for the presidency.

I think it is nice to think that had the US taken the more “principled” position of supporting Honduran democracy by not condemning the overthrow of Zelaya and letting Honduras handle everything by itself everything would have turned out just fine, but I seriously doubt this would have been the case. It required US backdoor diplomacy and strategizing to help come up with an agreement that clearly was in the Micheletti government’s favor and isolated Mr. Zelaya (… not to mention Chavez and his ALBA associates). Honduras is a small country in the Western Hemisphere. It needs the US as a friend and ally. Sometimes when there are bullies lurking, friends and allies must act in ways that do not at first seem beneficial to those they are trying to help.


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