Mel can’t count

When the Honduran Congress votes against reinstating Mr. Zelaya as president, the US government will feign disappointment, but I seriously doubt that the State Department ever really thought the Tegucigalpa-San Jose Accord would favor Mr. Zelaya in any way. The US government can count votes as well as anyone, and the votes in favor of Mr. Zelaya simply do not exist. The reason Mr. Zelaya signed is probably because he was pressured in ways we may never really know for sure and also was sold the idea that he stood a good chance of winning in Congress. Because Mr. Zelaya is a man who has long been out of touch with reality and because of his huge ego, he fell for it. “Why would anyone vote against me?”, I imagine he thought. Mr. Zelaya’s record is filled with countless examples of miscalculations. This is just one more to add to his list.


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