Governing alone

Two proposals that have been submitted to Mr. Zelaya as part of the Dialogo Guaymuras call for 1. the Supreme Court to decide on the reinstatement of Mr. Zelaya as president and the Congress would authorize the decision or 2. the Supreme Court and the Congress would jointly decide on Mr. Zelaya’s reinstatement. Mr. Zelaya has rejected both proposals. Instead, he has renewed his calls on the OAS and the UN to pressure the interim government to reinstate him. The question Mr. Zelaya has not answered (… and perhaps it hasn’t been asked) is, “How would he go about governing Honduras when the implication is that he would not have the uncoerced support of either the Judicial or Legislative branches?” Would the idea be that specially-appointed committees within OAS and the UN serve as de facto governing branches of the Honduran government until January 27, 2010?


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