A third person

I think that an interim government (… or “government of national reconciliation”) led by a person other than Roberto Micheletti or Manuel Zelaya is where Honduras is headed within the next few weeks. The move, although imperfect, would grudgingly be marketed as a compromise and face-saving solution by just about everyone. The matter that will have to be negotiated by those involved in the “Dialogo Guaymuras” is how to select who that “third person” will be. The individual would have to be acceptable to both sides. This will not be easy, but I think it is more do-able than forcing the interim government to accept the reinstatement of Mr. Zelaya or forcing Mel to accept things as they currently stand. The third person would have to be viewed as relatively neutral in this entire ordeal. He or she would need to assume power prior to November 29 to allow the international community more political cover to be free to recognize the results of the election.


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