Salvaging an overblown image

“Zelaya condiciona que se retorna al diálogo si es para firmar la restitución. De lo contrario, no tiene ningún sentido [seguir dialogando]” -Rasel Tomé, asesor de Manuel Zelaya.

I think that this statement exemplifies Mr. Zelaya’s self-centered and limited view of the “Dialogo Guaymuras”. Instead of using the negotiations to try and develop and push through a new process to respond to the social-economic needs and concerns of the vast majority of Hondurans, and thereby seek to change the unjust status quo in the country, Mr.Zelaya continues to push solely for his reinstatement… as if that in-and-of-itself were the solution to all of Honduras’ problems. Sadly, I think Mr. Zelaya is wasting the increasingly limited political capital that he has trying to save face and rescue an overblown image of himself that he has conjured up in his imagination.


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