One of my biggest criticisms of US foreign policy over the past eight years has been that it was largely based on unilateralism… the idea that the US would act aggressively around the world to promote its national security with or without the consent of other countries. A country with as large an arsenal as the US can take this approach for awhile, but not without long-term negative consequences. I think Mr. Zelaya acted in a similar manner in Honduras, ignoring his own party, the other branches of government, and entire sectors of Honduran society… thus polarizing Honduran society in much the same way that the US has been a polarizing force during the first decade of the 21st century. Dividing people, either on a global scale or on a national scale, does not work. It may provide the illusion of accomplishment, security, and hope, but illusions aren’t real and the do not last very long.


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