Poverty is the real violence

I think that the level of violence in Honduras has been relatively mild… certainly by world standards. I also think that the level of violence that we’ve seen on the streets is relatively mild compared to the violence that at least 50% of the Honduran people face every day of their lives. In my view, there is no greater violence toward people than severe poverty… the kind that does allow a parent to feed, clothe, or educate their children; the kind of poverty that diminishes the dignity of individuals; the kind of poverty that makes parents helpless to save their childrens’ lives because they cannot afford the proper medicines or do not have access to a hospital; the kind of poverty keeps people enslaved and treated like animals. I’m afraid that this is the real violence in Honduras that many Hondurans in the middle and upper classes either do not see or choose not to see. In my view, Mr. Zelaya is a temporary side show, a circus act. Honduras’ core problems are still waiting to be addressed… which is precisely why I feel that the professional diplomats and government officials who are spinning their wheels trying to concoct clever formulas for dealing with the political crisis are completely missing the point.


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