What Mel’s supporters really want

I think we have been so focused on Mr. Zelaya and his quest to have himself reinstated as president that we have neglected to focus on what it is that the bulk of his supporters really want. In other words, I think that one of the main reasons for Mel’s base of support is the desire of so many Hondurans to change the status quo in the country that is clearly inequitable. Mel is seen as a vehicle to bringing about the establishment of a National Constituent Assembly, which in turn is seen as key to re-writing the Constitution, which in turn is seen as the answer to creating a more equitable social and economic system in Honduras. I don’t know that I agree with all of these underlying assumptions. What I do sense is that Mel seems willing to give up the idea of a National Constituent Assembly in exchange for his reinstatement. I would be more impressed if Mel were willing to give up his reinstatement in exchange for setting up a process to establish a National Constituent Assembly. This would at least suggest to me that he truly is more concerned about the people than he is about himself.


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