Micheletti’s decree

Interim president Micheletti miscalculated when he issued the decree suspending civil liberties in Honduras. I sense, though, that the decree will soon be lifted, given that it can only further damage Honduras’ image around the world and will do nothing to encourage recognition of the results of the elections on November 29. I think Mr. Micheletti over-reacted to Mr. Zelaya’s most recent call for insurrection. The Brazilian Congressional representatives who met with Mel a day or two ago cautioned him to tone down his language, and I suspect that US officials are advising him similarly. There is a great deal of fear and mistrust on both sides, and this is no doubt opening the way for dangerous miscalculations across the board. It is precisely this fear and mistrust that I had hoped President Arias (through his “mediation” efforts in San Jose) would focus on repairing… even slightly. He did not.


One thought on “Micheletti’s decree

  1. Miscalculated? I think he just violated human rights – as most international human rights groups stated. He also could have lifted them Monday a week ago by another executive degree but waited another week.

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