I think that the San Jose Accord is dead. I think it was a “smoke screen”. From the very start, I think the US promoted the talks in Costa Rica to buy enough time to allow the situation in Honduras to calm down as much as possible. It didn’t take long before it was clear that the talks would not lead to a resolution of the conflict because the point about Mr. Zelaya’s reinstatement quickly became non-negotiable. I had initially thought that the talks would bring Zelaya and Micheletti together face to face. When this didn’t happen, it became evident that nothing significant would be concluded. Personally, I see the San Jose Accord as showing no innovative thinking on President Arias’ part. I also think that Arias’ continual insistence that the Accord be signed shows more of a desire for him to avoid being seen as a failure than anything else. After all, what sense does it make to force parties to sign an agreement that obviously no one wishes to sign and abide by. It would be a sham agreement


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