Playing softball

I think that the US government knows that there is no way that the Micheletti government or a large and influential portion of Honduran society is going to allow Mr. Zelaya to be reinstated as president of Honduras. The US embassy in Tegucigalpa can gauge the mood of the interim government and the Honduran public as well as anybody. Still, I think the US is trying to re-emphasize the point that it will not support governments in Latin America that come to power by force. Since Honduras is a weak country and dependent on the US, the US government sees it as an easy country in which to make its point. Honduras is being used as a geo-political pawn. It may not be fair, certainly from Honduras’ standpoint. But it is the price Honduras is having to pay to be rid of Mr. Zelaya, so I think the price is worth it… so long as the US recognizes the results of the elections in November. Revoking the visas of those who represented Honduras at the talks in Costa Rica simply makes the point, “There is a price to pay for not supporting the Arias plan.”


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