Leading the mob

Mr. Zelaya’s adventure on Thursday, June 25, when he personally led a mob through the streets of Tegucigalpa to Hernan Acosta Mejia air force base to retrieve the boxes of ballots that had been ordered impounded by the Honduran Supreme Court is not talked about very much. I find this amazing. I think about how the US government and public would have reacted if President Obama had led a mob of people through the streets of Washington, DC to Andrews air force base and demanded to be let in to retrieve documents order impounded by the US Supreme Court. I would imagine that Congress would have started impeachment proceedings immediately and that the public and the media would have been outraged at such audacity and flagrant dismissal of the Supreme Court and intimidation of the commanding officer of the base, not to mention intentionally threatening public order. Unfortunately, the Honduran Constitution does not provide for the impeachment of a sitting president.


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