Dear Elvin and Pepe…

Dear Elvin and Pepe… You have three months to campaign for the office of president of Honduras. The time has come to demonstrate that you are truly different kinds of leaders. Consider not spending your money on self-promoting colorful advertisements and radio and TV spots with silly slogans. Consider not promising a lot of stuff you will never be able to deliver anyways. Entertain the thought of not attacking each other or claiming that others are attacking you. Don’t portend to be the saviors of Honduras. Each of you is a guy… nothing more, nothing less. Don’t just go around giving speeches at functions at hotels and auditoriums filled with adoring, flag-waving fans who will cheer you regardless of what you say.

Forget all of that, and do something really radical and deeply human… Go visit with the poorest of the poor in Honduras. Go listen to them. Listen. Go live their daily lives with them. Go be with them every day until November 29. You will gain empathy, and you will be transformed. And just maybe (… maybe) you will become the kind of leader that Honduras needs. Start with the municipal garbage dump outside of Tegucigalpa. If you need directions and personal introductions to the hundreds of men, women and children who live and work there, let me know and I’ll find the right person for you.


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