Exclude nothing

Regardless of whether one position or another is right or wrong, legal or illegal… the fact remains that everyone is insisting on the reinstitution of Zelaya. Personally, I don’t want that to happen. I think this is a dangerous individual who cannot be trusted. I also don’t believe that neither the interim government not the business community in Honduras will accept his reinstitution. The point is to throw out an idea that is completely different and might be a compromise position (… albeit very unpleasant for Honduras) in the event that things become extremely difficult for the country over the next two months. I hope the US government does not impose more severe economic sanctions, but that is a possibility now. I hope the US recognizes the results of the November 29 election, but it may not. I also hope that the demonstrations on the streets do not grow and expand throughout Honduras. But that is also a possibility now.

I think it would be unwise for the interim government to not at least consider all possible options for coming up with an agreement that everyone might be able to support. I don’t like this option, but I also do not want the situation (social and economic) to deteriorate but so much. I don’t trust Mel at all, and I know the dangers of letting him back in the country with any degree of political power. I am under no illusions. My biggest concern right now is not about economic sanctions, but rather what happens if no country recognizes whoever is elected on November 29. Right now, it’s all a waiting game until November. Everyone seems willing to just wait for three months. No problem. But what if this situation doesn’t change after November 29? Honduras cannot survive indefinitely isolated from the world. And it cannot survive if a “resistance” movement continues to get stronger and perhaps evolves into a powerful and violent movement. There is an impasse at the moment, and there are no creative proposals on the table that can conceivably attract the support of all parties.


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