The prison option

I too am puzzled as to why Mr. Zelaya has not allowed himself to be imprisoned. Imprisonment would make him somewhat of a minor martyr, and it could fuel even more the resistance demonstrating in his favor. Mel might simply still be traumatized by all that has happened. It is more comfortable and ego-lifting shuttling up and down the hemisphere in a luxury bizjet with an entourage of advisers, and then being greeted with full honors by heads of state. Being imprisoned implies a degree of uncertainty, discomfort, and lack of control that would be scary to most of us. To truly great and serious leaders like King, Gandhi, and Mandela imprisonment is something that they welcomed because it allowed them to hold firm to their principles, make a point, and keep their causes alive. Imprisonment also allowed them some quiet time to reflect and write. Imprisonment holds no such appeal to average guys like Mel, although he may still decide to give it a shot.

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