No expulsion order

If you were to take a poll in Honduras asking, “What do you think is the main problem in Honduras?”… more than half and perhaps as much as three-quarters of the answers would be “corruption”. I have conducted four of these type of polls online during the past 10 years, and 50-75% has consistently been the case. I have consistently disagreed with the majority. I continue to believe that the main problem is a combination of incompetence and mismanagement… which often times lead to corruption. In other words, corruption is more of a symptom. From the countless articles I’ve read regarding the arrest and expulsion of Mr. Zelaya from Honduras, it is becoming evident that the Supreme Court did not order Mel’s expulsion, only his arrest… and that the action of taking Mel out of the country was (… or may have been) illegal. Thus, it would seem that Mr. Zelaya has a reasonable case to make in his defense.

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