No magic potions

There is nothing that guarantees that a National Constituent Assembly will be any less corrupt or incompetent than the Congress. What is the point of creating another institution? Why not find a way to fix the institution of Congress rather than simply toss it and start all over again. I think one of the things that continually holds Honduras back is that its leaders are always looking for that “magic potion” that will solve all of their problems. Honduran society is always looking for a savior, a messiah. What people like Mr. Zelaya are trying to do is solve Honduras’ problems by imposing top down solutions that just end up creating even more conflict and polarization within Honduras. I believe in bottom up solutions that are implemented well, thoughtfully, and with patience. This has nothing to do with the competencies of campesinos versus those of elites. It has to do with finding a way to create the best leaders from every class and gradually fix the institutions that are in place. I don’t like revolutionary changes that are pushed through by coercion and confrontation because they usually don’t work, and those who suffer the most always end up being the poor.


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