Is it bullying?

I think the word “bully” is subjective. I also think that to say that Honduras is following it’s laws and constitution is also subjective. Obviously, there is wide disagreement worldwide and within Honduras about the legality of what has happened in Honduras. My point is simply that the US government’s primary responsibility is not to Honduras, but rather to the best interests of the United States. I think it’s fine if you do not agree with the US position and its tactics, but the US government certainly has every right to conduct its foreign policy the way it sees fit. What the US government has done with regard to Honduras is extremely mild compared to what it has done in Iraq and countless other countries. Again, I just happen to think that the situation in Honduras is not clear, and thus I believe that there is more than one reasonable position. I can see more than one side. The only side I am not able to see is that of Mel Zelaya. I’m glad the man is out, and I don’t want him back.


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