Only as good as its members

Those who support the creation of a National Constituent Assembly in Honduras assume that the people who would make up that new institution would have more intelligence, common sense, integrity, and vision than those who make up the National Congress. This may indeed be true. The reverse may also be true. What is the basis of this assumption? A National Constituent Assembly is simply another collection of individuals who have grown up within largely the same educational system and culture as those members of the National Congress. In anything, given what Mr. Zelaya has said about the make up of the National Constituent Assembly, there is a greater chance that the education levels of many of the people in this new body would be inferior.

Somewhere along the line we have gotten it into our heads, both in the US and in Honduras, that education and intelligence aren’t all that important when it comes to leading a country. I think that what both the US and Honduras need are better educated people who can then make better decisions about whom they choose to elect to represent them in Congress… or whatever you wish to call the representative body.


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