Visas and other pin pricks

I view sanctions such as the suspension of visas as no more than tiny pin pricks and temporary inconveniences that do not affect the vast majority of the people of Honduras. I think that the Obama administration knows full well that these extremely limited sanctions will not change the situation in Honduras in favor of Mel Zelaya. If the US were serious, it would lead a full economic embargo of Honduras and recall its ambassador. As I’ve said before, I think the US is content to let things play out and simply wait for the election on November 29. I strongly believe that one of the main reasons things have remained relatively calm in Honduras since the overthrow of Mr. Zelaya is due to US policy, which has sought to avoid escalating the situation. Honduras has been hurt economically by all that has happened but I think the damage would have been far worse had the US inspired rage among the masses of Zelaya supporters and become the issue. Many Latin Americans, particularly in countries with a history of US military presence or interventions, live for the opportunity to demonstrate en masse against the US.


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