Insufficient suffering

A mediator does not dictate terms to the parties that are in conflict. A mediator does not show favoritism or makes announcements in public to the media, particularly when they involve his personal opinions. A mediator doesn’t add to the polarization that is already present. I saw no great skills present in Mr. Arias. I saw no innovation, out of the box thinking… only one-dimensional ideas for compromises that neither side found appealing. Having said this, I think that Mr. Arias is in an unenviable position of trying to resolve a conflict that neither side really wants resolved. There is no room for a true mediated resolution because neither side has suffered enough. It’s only when people have grown exhausted with a conflict that they are willing to allow for a mediated answer in order to stop the pain. Mr. Arias was used from the beginning as a way to calm things down and keep people talking. That, in-and-of-itself, has been extremely helpful.


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