The children who are ignored today, who are not nurtured by stable families and friends, who do not receive a good education and nutrition, and who grow up without any hope are the gangsters, rioters and terrorists of tomorrow… and tomorrow is only a few years away. The best thing Honduran society can do for its future is care for its youth and invest the best of its resources to ensure that its youth grow up to be happy, successful, and responsible citizens. By Honduran society, I mean each one of us. Find an Honduran child on the streets and become his or her mentor. Engage confidently, don’t retreat fearfully. Treat any child whom you come across each day with the utmost respect, attention, and compassion… regardless of what the child looks looks like or says to you. Do not look at children on the streets and highways of Honduras like animals because that is the surest way to guarantee that they will adopt animal instincts that will only be amplified as adults.

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