My truth is not about facts

The kind of truth I’m talking about is not the same as facts. I certainly accept that facts are sometimes the same as truth, but not always. As you well know, you can gather many lawyers in a courtroom and have them consider the same exact facts, yet each of them may come up with their own version of the truth, of what happened and how it happened. The saying, “Truth is one” is open to interpretation. It does not necessarily mean that there is one truth, and even if it did, it could mean that each one of us has our own one truth. Very few truths are universal. That’s probably why we humans still have not learned to get along with each other. It’s why we have evolved very little in thousands of years. We all seek our own truth. I agree with you, though, that with regard to Honduras it’s not so much about truth or right or wrong, etc… it’s geo-politics. Foreign policy has always been about national security interests, not truth.

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