Dwelling on our divisions

I have a cousin whose father was the brother that my father never had. We don’t really know each other that well, as we didn’t grow up together. Yet, I sense there is a bond between us because of how close our fathers were to each other. Regardless of how much we tried to avoid it, this whole “coup” and Zelaya thing has fractured that bond, but I don’t think irreperably so. It is unfortunate really because politically our views are probably 90% or more in agreement. The one thing on which we are hopelessly at opposite ends is Mel Zelaya. I think the same situation exists between most faith systems, including Christianity and Buddhism. The problem is that we humans have a tendency to seem to often want to dwell on what divides us rather than what unites us… which is odd given that what unites us usually vastly outweighs what divides us.

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