Reasoning behind the exile

What Gen. Vasquez said was that the reason they decided to carry Mr. Zelaya out of the country was because they were concerned about public order. Remember that one of the primary reasons that Supreme Court (with the support of the Congress) ordered the Armed Forces to arrest President Zelaya directly related to Mel’s use of the mob on Thursday, June 25 to break into the Hernan Acosta Mejia air force base to retrieve the boxes of ballots for the encuesta (on June 28). The Supreme Court had impounded those boxes. Mr. Zelaya went against that impoundment order and he intimidated Gen. Prince into letting him onto the base. It was at that point the military began to fear how far Mr. Zelaya would go using the mob as his shield. There was clearly the potential for violent riots greater than what we’ve seen thus far had the military tried to arrest Mel and keep him in a prison within Honduras. For better or worse, that was the reason.

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