Legality is a losing argument

The expulsion of Manuel Zelaya from Honduras was illegal. I think that even the most ardent opposers to Mel will grudgingly admit this. Mel has a good case on this point. But I do not think that arguing this point will help him very much. I think he has burned his bridges in Honduras. The manner in which Mel was arrested and shipped off to Costa Rica may not have been legal, but then again neither was the US invasion of Iraq legal. As you well now, that is not how the world works. Legality is in the eyes of the beholder, or whoever happens to be in power. When Mel was in power, he pretty much did as he wished, regardless of whether his actions were legal. He had the power, and he used it. It may not have been right, just or legal. But that’s the way it was… until he pushed too hard and overstepped his bounds too much. He gambled and he lost.

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