Beholding to Hugo

You have a point about Mel not having much of a choice but to rely on the goodwill of his ALBA friends. My concern about this has to do with what his ALBA friends expect in return for their services. Mel has gone to great lengths in the past few weeks to try and convince people that Mr. Chavez has no influence on him and in Honduras. We all know that this is utterly false. Putting aside our views about Mel, the reality is that he is not acting independently. Ever since he signed ALBA last August, Mel has been influenced by presents from Mr. Chavez. A president of a country should not allow himself to have conflicts of interest. Mr. Zelaya has huge conflicts of interests because he is receiving sizeable gifts from Mr. Chavez. It may indeed be that he think he doesn’t have a choice because of his situation, but I think it is still unethical and dangerous.

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