Communism and socialism

Capitalism has many many flaws. It is an imperfect system, primarily because it tends to focus on the self rather than the community as a whole. However, capitalism can be tweaked by enlightened government, business and civil society so that it becomes a more just and compassionate system. Capitalism is flexible. It can change for the better. Communism and socialism, on the other hand, theoretically have more “noble” visions. In practice, though, they both end up being more unjust and uncompassionate than capitalism. Both communism and socialism also fuel the creation of elite, privileged and corrupt classes. Both communism and socialism also fuel the poor and powerless. Plus, these systems, because they concentrate political power, are inherently inflexible to change. But the worst thing of all about communism and socialism is that they kill incentive, creativity, innovation, inspiration… the very heart of the human spirit, what enables us to grow.

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