It’s stopped raining cocaine

According to an annual report of Honduras’ “Ministerio Público”, 55 kilos of cocaine were seized in 2005, 2,714 in 2006, 1,704 in 2007, and 6,764 in 2008. Through the first five months of 2009 the tally had reached 6,655 kilos. Through the first six months of 2009, a total of 14 “narcoavionetas” (drug planes), mostly of Venezuelan registration, had entered Honduran airspace, landing in isolated areas of the departments of Atlántida, Colón, Gracias a Dios, Islas de la Bahía, and Olancho. The last of these aircraft landed on June 15. Ever since the arrest and exile of Mr. Zelaya on June 28, no more narcoavionetas have entered Honduras. Why has it suddenly stopping raining cocaine in Honduras?

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